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  1. Travel

    Osprey Cyber Port

    We have some neat commuter and student type packs from Osprey. I was pleasantly surprised today when I checked out the new "Cyber Port". There's a whole slew of features aimed at the tech crowd while still keeping in mind all the lessons learned building packs for 40 years. The result is a nicely streamlined pack with serious visual appeal...
  2. Camping and Hiking

    Summertime...let's check out a 0°F bag!

    Yeah, I know it's not the right time of year, but I received an email with questions about this bag and thought, "Hey, why not take some photos?". The Lithium and Helium are two of my absolute favorite bags. They're about as good as a Western Mountaineering bag, but Marmot actually goes on sale from time to time so it's...
  3. Camping and Hiking

    Tent of the week: The North Face "Kings Canyon 3"

    It's been another week and I'd better say something about this tent or I'll fall behind! The storefront folks are already setting up a new tent for this week (spoiler: BD Mesa). I crawled around in the Kings Canyon and took some photos for your perusal. The King's Canyon is a mid-range, roomy, lightweight tent.     I've always had...

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