Basic Hybrid Cam



Classic design with modern innovation

The Totem Basic Hybrid Cam uses the traditional internal spring and sheath trigger systems to get a narrow head and a very flexible body. Totem has done a bit to try to improve on the traditional design: flexible trigger wire ropes system and rounded lobe edges. The Hybrid model has two larger and two smaller lobes to fit in shallow, flaring placements.


Brand Name:
Force Rating:
0.60HY: 5 kN
0.70HY: 7 kN
0.85HY: 9 kN
0.60HY: 58 g
0.70HY: 62 g
0.85HY: 70 g
Number of Cam Lobes:
4 Cam
Cam Stem Type:
Flexible Single Stem
Axle Design:
Single Axle
Other Features:
• Internal cam springs for narrow head width.
• Sheath trigger for maximum flexibility. Stainless 5/32" 7x19 wire rope for all Basic Cam sizes.
• 16 degrees cam angle, soft lobes with teeth for well trusted holding power. Lobes are CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy.
• Double sheath on trigger. The outer sheath layer has free rotation motion for improved abrasion resistance.
• Updated trigger wires system. Flexible and strong while maintaining a correct independent lobe motion.
• Rounded lobe edges. More consistent rock contact on non parallel cracks and less flash material on lobe edges.
• CE certified and individually proof tested.

-- 0.60HY: 13.6mm - 17.4mm
-- 0.70HY: 16.6mm - 21.4mm
-- 0.85HY: 19.9mm - 26.1mm

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