Alloy Offsets (Spring 2022)



Offset protection

DMM is bringing an old favorite back to the market. The high demand for these nuts is because their complex offset shape offers placement opportunities when nothing else will fit. These nuts are based on the famed HB Alloy Offsets and were produced using modified versions of the original HB dies. In typical DMM fashion, they have brought them into the 21st century with color coded sizing, recessed wires, bonded heads to stop slippage and lightening holes in the largest two sizes.

Alloy Offsets #7 - #11


Brand Name:
Other Features:
DMM's accurate heat treatment process optimizes the physical properties of the alloy to maximize bite
DMM has recessed the top of the nut and countersunk all other drilled radiuses in order to both avoid stress points where the wire enters the nut and also protects the wire from abrasion damage
The nuts are all rumbled well to remove sharp edges that can hinder placement
The label is upside down so you can check the size easily when they are on your harness and it is also double sealed so that it does not tear over time

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