AeroPress Original Coffee Maker (Fall 2022)


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Gourmet coffee maker for camp or home.

Life's too short to drink bad coffee, or spend tons of time cleaning out a complex coffee maker. If you like smooth, rich, and fast coffee, you'll love the AeroPress Original Coffee Maker! The AeroPress brews coffee under ideal conditions: proper temperature, total immersion, and rapid filtering. This results in amazingly delicious coffee with a wide range of beautiful flavors but without bitterness and with very low acidity. Since its introduction the AeroPress has become a much-loved brewer for serious coffee lovers and coffee professionals around the world. The AeroPress can also be used to make cold brew coffee in minutes instead of hours.

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• Outdoor Gear Lab gave the AeroPress a Top Pick Award. Of the coffee makers in its testing, "The AeroPress came out as the distinct taste winner... ."
• Hot, not boiling, water is mixed with the grounds for only 10 seconds, extracting the richest flavor with lower acidity and without bitterness.
• Then, gentle air pressure pushes the brew through a micro-filter in about 20 seconds.
• Brew up to four shots of super-smooth espresso at a time. Dilute with hot water for a great cup of regular coffee or with milk for an excellent latte.
• Cleanup is a snap. Eject the "puck" of spent grounds and rinse or wipe the plunger to remove the coffee oils
• Lightweight, nearly indestructible and totally portable, the AeroPress is great for the outdoors person who wants to enjoy the same great coffee out in the wilds that they get at their favorite coffee shop.
• Comes with 350 micro-filter papers (that can be rinsed and reused), filter cap, filter holder, stirrer and scoop.
• The AeroPress isn't just for camp coffee. You'll find that it's the only way you want to make coffee at home too.
Unlike other cold brews that take 12-24 hours to brew, the AeroPress can give you cold coffee in two minutes.
The key is the long stir time using a finer grind of coffee. Optimizing the contact between the coffee grounds and water quickly enables delicious flavor extraction from the grounds. It's harder to extract flavor using cold water, but the brisk one-minute stir time in this method eliminates that problem.
Cold Brew Instructions:
-- 1 rounded scoop (14g) of fine drip grind coffee
-- Add cold water up to (2)
-- Stir 60 seconds
-- Press
-- Add cold water or ice to make an 8 oz. (237ml) mug of cold brew

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