Acro Narrow - Unisex (Fall 2023)

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Aggressive camber for high performance with comfort

The Butora Acro is a comfortable down-turned performance climbing shoe wrapped in Butora's NEO Fuse sticky rubber that is best suited for steep sport climbing and bouldering. From toe hooks to heel hooks and everything in between, the Acro will help you send your hardest project in comfort right out of the box.

Some of the features found on the Acro include:
● Butora's own NEO Fuse Sticky Rubber
● Custom-blend ABS injected mid-sole that maintains down-turn for the life of the shoe
● Large thin sticky rubber toe patch for excellent sensitivity and grip while toe hooking
● Adjustable, signature triple fork closure system for quick on off and the perfect fit
● New and improved heel randing system that incorporates a 3D molded heel cup improves comfort and fit.
● Awarded best climbing gear by Rock and Ice

Sizing is in US Men's.
This shoe is designed to fit a narrow foot; Acro Wide also available. It fits similar to most peoples' street shoe sizes (results may vary). Size down a 1/2 size from your street shoe size for an aggressive fit. The Narrow model is slightly stiffer than than Wide. (If you've tried the Wide model, size these a half-size larger.) Sizing is in US Men's.


Brand Name:
Climbing Shoe Style:
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Climbing Shoes
Closure Type:
Hook & Loop
Other Features:
• The Acro was developed with comfortable performance in mind. You can wear the shoe longer without pain than many of its competitors.
• The Acro's heel was recently redesigned for a more comfortable fit. No more discomfort on the Achilles.
• Copious amounts of toe rubber allow you to toe hook for days and actually feel what you are toeing in on.
• Ask a resoler which brand of shoes they like to resole the most, we are pretty confident Butora will be at the top of the list. Their shoes are very well made, so you can resole them, get years out of each pair, and put that money saved towards your next climbing trip.
• The build quality of all Butora shoes, including the Acro, means you'll have that down-turned performance long into the life of the shoe, keeping you stuck to those steep routes and boulders.
NEO Fuse
NEO Fuse is Butora's stickiest rubber offering. Used on a majority of Butora's shoes, Fuse is best suited to smearing, edging, and " NEO Fuse excels In both indoor and outdoor climbing.
-- Smearing - 10/10
-- Edging - 9/10
-- Durability - 8/10
NEO Rubber:
NEO rubber is manufactured in Butora's own factory and meets the highest quality control measures set by Butora. Butora owns every step of this process from 100% raw material to finished product and takes pride in offering the highest grade product available. The NEO rubber recipe was designed to maximize friction, increase durability, prevent oxidation, cracking, and delamination.
What makes Butora's NEO rubber perform better?
Neo Rubber is sourced at the highest-grade butyl available. This ensures that the rubber is consistent throughout the manufacturing process and the life of the rubber while climbing. Butora's special formulation allows for what they believe to be the best attributes of performance, durability and longevity. All rubber that is used in the factory is sustainably used, recycled, and repurposed when possible.

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