9.0 Alpine Sender Dry Rope

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Triple certified all-around rope for a wide range of applications such as ice climbing, mountaineering or performance climbing in the mountains. The Mammut 9.0 Alpine Sender Dry Rope features an optimized smoother sheath made from premium quality yarns. Extremely light weight and small diameter. Easy handling and reliable durability. 9.0 Alpine Sender Dry Rope - the rope for demanding conditions.

Part of the Mammut Eiger Extreme collection: relentlessly tested and continuously optimized for the highest possible performance.


Brand Name:
Rope Style:
UIAA Fall Rating:
Single rope 80 kg: 5-6
Double rope 80 kg: >20
Single rope 55 kg: >18
Exact Diameter:
9.0 mm
Impact Force (kN):
8.3 / 6 / 9.2
Static Elongation:
Stretch at 55 kg: 7.5%
Stretch at 80 kg: 7.8%
Rope Type:
Single / Twin / Half
Rope Treatment:
Dry Core & Sheath
Rope Length:
60 Meter
60 m: 3.24 kg / 7.14 lbs
Middle Mark:
Grams / Meter:
Dynamic Elongation:
Mfg Sku/Part Number:
Other Features:
Sheath proportion: 40%
UIAA dry test: 1.5%
• Sender construction for ultimate light weight
• Lasting effectiveness in repelling water and dirt according to UIAA for maximum safety in the toughest conditions
• Achieves < 1.5% in UIAA water absorption tests
• Optimized abrasion resistance thanks to Dry finishing
• Ready to climb packaging prevents knotting of the rope
• Center mark
• Triple certified single, half and twin rope

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