12mm Klettersteig Screwgate



Super-strong steel carabiner with wide gate opening; 45 kN

The Klettersteig’s wide gate opening of 24mm combines with its extended top bar and high internal volume to give ease of use with thick webbing and ropes. These characteristics also make it easy to use while wearing gloves. High major and minor axis strengths give appropriate safety margins for rescue and heavy duty applications.

Screwgate - Non-auto-locking gate which requires two actions to open, and is easy to use with one hand. Screwgates are suitable in systems where anchor points can be easily monitored and are unlikely to be affected by running ropes.


Brand Name:
Carabiner Shape:
Lock Type:
Screw Lock
Light Gold
266 g / 9.38 oz
Closed Gate:
45 kN
Minor Axis:
9 kN
76 x 126mm
Gate opening: 24mm
Open Gate:
10 kN
Mfg Sku/Part Number:
Other Features:
• Klettersteig carabiners are wide, maximizing gate opening and the internal working volumes for ease of use with gloves, thick ropes, and wide webbing. They also encourage loading in their strongest orientation by forcing loads toward the carabiner spine.
• A large gate opening makes this carabiner easier to use while wearing gloves, and with thick ropes and slings. Large internal volume means easier attachment and removal of multiple devices, knots and slings.
• Stainless steel is better at withstanding corrosion than aluminium alloy and carbon steel, making it suitable for use in marine and other harsh environments.
• EN 362:2004 B/T, EN EN12275:2013 B

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