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Questions on Nallo 4 GT

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  • From Pam and Rodney Graham at 6/25/15 10:08 PM
    • Am concerned about ventilation in this tent. We camp in temperatures between 35 and 40 degrees Celsius. We realize that the tent is very sturdy and we love the look but we are trying to get a tent that is not too hot to sleep in, like our current 3 man tent. Can't see the inner tent so can't tell how much mesh fabric is in it, and also if the mesh is no-seeum mesh. Can you comment please? Maybe suggest another model? Thank you.
    • Hey Pam and Rodney,

      Thank you for your question.

      The Nallo 4 GT, as it comes, is primarily a 4 season tent, designed to stand up to the world's harshest environments. However Hilleberg tents, and more specifically their Red Label series which the Nallo models fall under, are extremely versatile, and are designed with a wide spectrum of climates in mind. While the Nallo's inner tent features only one panel of noseeum mesh on the primary door, an optional fully-mesh Inner Tent can be purchased separately, for better ventilation in hot and humid climates. We do not normally carry this accessory, but would be happy to special order it for you. More information on this inner tent can be found at the following link, under the grey "accessories" tab towards the bottom of the page:

      All that being said, the standard inner and outer tent for the Nallo series are very well ventilated, and we have found the Kerlon fabric used on all Hilleberg tents to be some of the most breathable waterproof fabric in the industry. We almost never hear of, or experience issues with bad ventilation or condensation on any of the Hilleberg model tents.

      If you don't plan on using the tent in winter weather, I might recommend checking out their Anjan series. The Anjan tents are a 3-season design, and therefor provide slightly better ventilation than any of the 4-season designs, while still maintaining the strength Hillebergs are known for. Other advantages of the Anjan include a much lighter, more packable, and slightly less expensive tent.

      I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.

      Best regards,
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Hilleberg - Nallo 4 GT

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Nallo 4 GT - Green
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Price: $975.00
Nallo 4 GT - Red
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Price: $975.00
Nallo 4 GT - Sand
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Nallo 4 GT Footprint
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Quick Overview

If low weight is your highest priority, then a Nallo is the perfect tent for you
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Red Sand Green Nallo 4 GT
Like its sibling the Nallo, the Hilleberg Nallo 4 GT is the perfect all-around, all season tent for hikers, bikers, climbers and paddlers. The GT version simply has an added, extended vestibule – a handy spot for gear storage, socializing, and food preparation, especially on longer trips. Families with children will enjoy the extra space with very little added weight.

The Nallo 4 GT’s low weight is a result of both excellent design and fabric technology. Straighter side walls afford maximum usable space, while the higher front/lower rear pole configuration puts greater volume up front while reducing weight at the same time. The Nallo’s ground sheet and Kerlon 1200 outer tent fabrics are supremely light, yet still amazingly strong. The Kerlon 1200’s tear strength of 12 kg/26 lbs is not only considerably stronger than most other lightweight tent fabrics, but it is also stronger that many standard or heavy duty tent fabrics, as well. The Nallo GT is simplicity itself to set up. Its three poles and full pole sleeves are easy to handle, and the longer pole and corresponding sleeve are colour-coded for foolproof pitching. Four pegs are sufficient to stake out the tent in most conditions, but should things turn stormy, there is a plethora of pegging points around the tent for increased stability. Staying comfortable while riding out the storm is no problem, either. By opening the vent in the vestibule entrance panel and pegging the foot end with the attached short guy lines (which raises the outer off the ground), you can create a cross draft, minimizing condensation build up. In addition, the inner tent entrance is backed with mesh for even more flow-through. Hilleberg has added a second vestibule entrance which allows you to open one or both doors for better ventilation. The outer tent now also has an improved rear vent that also helps keep condensation to a minimum.

Click the video tab for pitching instructions.

International Restrictions Apply
Manufacturer Hilleberg
Weight Packed weight: 3.6 kg / 7 lbs 15 oz
Color Green
Size One Size
Tent Sleeps 4 - 6 Person
Minimum Weight 3.2 kg / 7 lbs 1 oz
Area 46.3 sq. ft.
Tent Type Single Wall
Free Standing No
Vestibule Size 34.4 sq. ft.
Length 87 in.
Width 83 in.
Height 46 in.
Tent Pole Type 3 Aluminum poles
Stuff Size 6 x 18 in.
Material Kerlon 1200 fabric
Other Features Kerlon 1200 fabric
Inner tent fabric in water repellent and venting nylon
Light weight ground sheet with PU coating and high bathtub style sides
One roomy GT-vestibule
Linked inner and outer tent pitch simultaneously and can be easily taken apart for separate use
Vertical inner tent entrance
Clothes line and two inner pockets
Integrated snowproof vent in entrance panel
Inner tent entrance backed with mesh
Ground peg rings at the foot end of the inner allows separate pegging to increase air flow between inner and outer tent
Foot end of outer tent can be elevated and or gathered up for improved ventilation
Pole sleeves with only one opening, adjustable pole tensioners, and room for double poling
Adjustable peg loops
Strong double guy line attachments and double line runners on all pole sleeves on both sides
Please note, pitching the inner tent on its own requires four Poleholders (sold separately).
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Product Reviews
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