Titanium Kung Foon (Fall 2016)


Titanium Kung Foon (Fall 2016)
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GSI - Titanium Kung Foon (Fall 2016)

GSI's Titanium Kung Foon combines a lightweight titanium spork (er, foon) and rosewood chopsticks to create the perfect backpacking utensil. Why? Because you're classy like that.

GSI says: "In our unrelenting pursuit of the cutting edge in fork-spoon hybridization technology, we have created countless innovations, from barbed tines to compacting, collapsible handles. As with previous GSI Outdoors' hybridization efforts, the Kung Foon maintains a clever, compact shape while performing the duties of both fork and spoon. But, it is the introduction of the lengthy evolutionary lineage of the chopstick that pushes the lowly spork to a heretofore unimaginable level of multi-role functionality. In uniting chopsticks and foon, we have created a long utensil perfect for stirring, scraping, spearing and scooping every last delicious tidbit from rehydrated pouch meals or narrow pots. Yet, when separated, both foon and chopsticks maintain their full individual functionality, making them the ultimate compact utensils for any cooking or eating task."

Technical specifications & features

Weight 4.1 oz (116 g) including carrying tin
Mfg Sku/Part Number 51000
Closeout Season Fall 2016
Dimensions 10.70" x 1.90" x 0.90"
Material Titanium alloy and rosewood
Other Features Chopsticks slide into foon handle to create a long handled utensil perfect for scooping, scraping or stirring rehydrated pouch meals or narrow pots
Barbed foon tines bite tenaciously into food
Deep foon bowl maintains full spoon functionality for soups or cereals
Includes custom stamped, steel gift tin to carry and store your Kung Foon

Includes Foon, Chopsticks, Steel Gift Tin
New Hydro Flask
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