WindMaster (Fall 2016)


WindMaster (Fall 2016)
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Soto - WindMaster (Fall 2016)

The Soto WindMaster is designed to position a pot close to the flame -- it's nearly impossible for the wind to penetrate this stove's flame.

Product ships with Tri Flex (3-pronged pot support). For larger pots and pans, the optional 4Flex (4-prong pot support) is sold separately.

Technical specifications & features

Weight 67 g (2.4 oz.)
Size One Size
Mfg Sku/Part Number OD-1RX
Closeout Season Fall 2016
Fuel Type Gas Canisters
BTUs 11,000
Stove Igniter Piezo Igniter
Stove System Stove Only
Dimensions Stowed Size: 4.7 x 9 x 8.8 cm (1.9 x 3.6 x 3.5 in.) -- Stove Body, 3-prong pot support, carry bag
Size In Use: 9 x 11.7 x 9.7 cm (3.6 x 4.7 x 3.9 in)
Other Features WindMaster
Continuous output under cold weather
-- With installation of the micro regulator, the WindMaster is able to maintain a consistent output when challenging the limits in thid category of stoves

Comes with extendable Tri Flex 3-pronged pot support depending on the needed

Why is the WindMaster superior under windy conditions?
-- Ledge around burner head acts as windshield
-- Precisely engineered concave burner head protects flame from the wind
-- Designed for restricted space between base of pot and burner head

Shock Resistant
-- Stealth Igniter installed inside burner post, improves ignition and prevents breakage

Flame Control Options
-- Compared with traditional needle valve system stoves, the WindMaster with micro regulator offers a wide range of flame control options.

Boiling time for 1 liter of water
-- 20 C (68 F): 4 min. 2 sec.
-- 5 C (41 F): 4 min. 1 sec.
-- -5 C (23 F): 4 min 16 sec.

Options & Accessories for the WindMaster (Fall 2016)

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Options & Accessories for the WindMaster (Fall 2016)
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