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Pivlock V2 Max

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Smith - Pivlock V2 Max

The Pivlock V2 Max from Smith Optics features the larger "Max" lens profile to add extra coverage for high speeds or larger faces. Adjustable nose pieces and performance-proven interchangeable lenses made these customizable for comfort and style. New slide-on temple ends ensure first class comfort.

Technical specifications & features

Gender Men's
Closeout Season N/A
Waterproof Yes
Other Features • Medium Fit / Large Coverage
• Carbonic TLT Lenses
• Evolve Frame Material
• Hydrophobic Lens Coating
• 3-Position Adjustable Nose Pads
• Slide-On Temple Tips
• Hydrophilic Megol Nose and Temple Pads
• 7 Base Lens Curvature
• Frame Measurements 140- n/a- 120
• MIL-SPEC: Superior ballistic impact protection per US MIL-PRF-31013 standard
• MIL-SPEC: Uncompromising optics and coverage per ANSI Z87.1

Lens Construction
1. Frontside Hydroleophobic Coating
2. Multi-layer Mirror Coating
3. Anti-scratch Protection
4. Techlite Glass or Carbonic Material
5. Smith Polarized File
6. Techlite Glass or Carbonic Material
7. Anti-Scratch Protection
8. Multi-layer Anti-reflective Coating
9. Backside Hydroleophobic Coating

Smith Optics uses the best lens materials in the world - Techlite Glass for optical precision and Carbonic for impact resistance. Smith Optics precisely alights the finest polarized filters and finish their lenses with multi-layer mirror, Anti-Reflective, anti-scratch, and Hydroleophobic lens coatings. The end result is an artfully crafted lens that preserves color perception and delivers optimized optical clarity and precision in all environments.

Carbonic Lenses
Carbonic Polarized and Non-Polarized Lenses
Carbonic lenses are optically tuned in a wide range of tints offering you visual comfort and protection from the urban grind to the mountaintop.

TLT Lenses
Tapered Lens Technology (TLT)
"Objects in lens are exactly the same as they appear." When light passes through a medium it refracts, i.e. changes course. If left uncorrected, this refraction can cause visual distortion and eye fatigue. Smith's Tapered Lens Technology (TLT) straightens out the incoming light rays by progressively tapering the lens from the optical center toward the peripheral view. What this means for you is that you see with 100% accuracy and maximum comfort.

Placed at the nose and on the temple tips, Megol gently grips your skin to help keep the frame in place. The gripping power increases when introduced to moisture. HYDROLEOPHOBIC COATING
Repels moisture, grease, and grime. A barrier between your lenses and the world. Water will bead up and disperse without streaking. Smudges from fingerprints are wiped clean easily.

Vacuum applied Anti-Reflective (A/R) coatings on the back side of the lens will eliminate bothersome sidelight reflections.

Base Curve
The base curve is the radius of the sphere measured from the back of the lens. Smith features styles with 6,8, and 9 base lens curvature. Models that include 6 base tend to be more flat relative to your face. While 9 base styles provide the maximum amount of wrap around your face.

Spring Hinge
Stainless steel optical hinges incorporate small springs within the hinge structure that keep the temples snug against your head. This type of hinge is designed to smoothly self adjust in order to accommodate a broader range of head shapes and sizes more comfortably.

Grilamid® TR90
Resilient, tough, and flexible. Grilamid® TR90 is an exceedingly light and durable plastic that will maintain its shape under all temperature conditions.

The PivLock™ interchangeable lens system features a proprietary, patent-pending temple and lens interface that truly provides an unobstructed field of view. Engineered to minimize frame weight while maintaining a secure fit, both the temples and nosepiece remove easily, making the task of changing lenses easier than ever.

• For nearly 50 years Smith has been a steward of the outdoors. The Smith customer is a socially conscious hard charger. Great days in the water, dirt, and snow are made better when Smith is mindful to protect the environment they recreate in.
• Smith incorporates the revolutionary, Rilsan® Clear material into what has become the largest eco-friendly sunglass collection in the world. This material allows them to create lightweight, durable frames, that are over 53% bio-based.
• Rilsan® Clear is derived from the renewable, non-genetically modified castor plant. Characteristics of this material include flexibility, lightweight, high elasticity, remarkable toughness, and excellent chemical resistance. Most importantly, this material is not petroleum based.
• Why is 53% bio-based important? Through extensive testing and field trials, Smith has found the correct balance of materials required to sustain performance and durability, while reducing their environmental impact.
• Smith's brand heritage was forged with a passion for the outdoors. This responsibility continues to drive them today. Smith recognizes their obligation to be considerate to the environments they revere. With an unwavering commitment to further develop, they explore the use of sustainable manufacturing materials into the Smith product of today, and into the future.

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