rockD BiWire (Fall 2016)
Rock Exotica

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rockD BiWire (Fall 2016)
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Rock Exotica - rockD BiWire (Fall 2016)

Rock Exotica's RockD BiWire is a totally new type of wiregate carabiner. This patent-pending design features an outer gate in addition to the normal inner gate. The outer gate protects the inner gate and prevents the rope, or other objects, from opening it. Use the BiWire as an alternative to a non-locking carabiner when you want extra security. It is perfect to use when you are clipping your lead rope and you want to prevent the rope from running over the gate and opening it, as can happen with conventional non-lockers. If you have an opposable thumb, the BiWire is easy to open one-handed with a little practice. And it comes off whatever it’s clipped to as easily as a non-locker – just open the inner gate and pull it off as you would a non-locker. It is also very resistant to dirt and ice.

The BiWire design is inherently very strong – check out the 30kN closed gate strength, which is significantly stronger than a conventional gate. The outer wire gate is also much stronger than a conventional locking sleeve against an inward force. Normal 'biners are only usually only 2-3kN in this regard, but the BiWire is much stronger at over 7kN. The extra security of the BiWire adds very little weight, only the weight of an extra wire gate, at about 4 grams. The BiWire should not be used to replace a regular locker, because the inner gate is not physically secured by a sleeve as it is in conventional locking carabiners. It could be possible for something to open the inner gate and then it could come unclipped. So use it as an alternative to a non-locker when you want extra strength and security. The rockD shape is a general purpose frame and it just might be the strongest 'biner on your rack.

Technical specifications & features

Weight 2.24 oz (63 g)
Color Red
Mfg Sku/Part Number C2 BW
Closeout Season Fall 2016
Carabiner Shape D-Shaped
Gate Type Wire Gate
Closed Gate 30 kN
Minor Axis 7 kN
Open Gate 9 kN
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