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Hilleberg - Rajd (Fall 2016)

More than a tarp yet not quite a true tent, the Hilleberg Rajd (pronounced ride) is the perfect shelter for those who favor a tarp’s light weight, but don’t want to sacrifice the comfort of walls and a floor. The Rajd’s 25.8 ft² interior is comfortably big enough for two, and is a veritable palace for the solo traveler – especially one used to the confines of many solo shelter solutions. And it weighs less than many tarps and bivy bags! Wholly constructed from Kerlon 1200, the Rajd is patterned on the first Hilleberg tent, the two-pole ridge design Keb. It boasts impressive headroom and a two-door configuration – giving each occupant his or her own entrance as well as affording the flexibility to situate one door out of the wind. The Rajd is a great choice when going super-light is the highest priority. Bear in mind, however, that the Rajd is not a tent, and so does not offer the same comfort or strength, especially in variable to poor weather conditions. The Rajd also makes excellent backup lodging for hut trips or adventure travel. And, since it complies with many race regulations that require overnight shelters to have a sewn-in floor, the Rajd is a great choice for adventure racers and mountain ultramarathon runners.

International Restrictions Apply

Technical specifications & features

Weight 1.1 kg / 2 lbs 7 oz
Size One Size
Closeout Season Fall 2016
Tent Sleeps 2 Person
Area 2.4 m² / 25.8 ft²
Tent Type Single Wall
Vestibule Size N/A
Number of Doors 2 Doors
Length 100 in / 255 cm
Width 79 in / 200 cm
Height 45 in / 115 cm
Number of Tent Poles 0
Material Kerlon 1200
Other Features The Rajd weighs about the same as many tarps, yet offers the protection of walls and a sewn-in floor
Its Kerlon 1200 fabric, with its 12 kilo tear strength, is stronger than most so-called heavy duty tent and tarp fabrics, and so will stand up quite well to demanding conditions
It can be pitched with trekking poles, branches, regular tent poles (sold separately), or guy lines for ultimate simplicity and flexibility
One entrance of the tent can always be situated out of the wind
The Rajd offers effective ventilation from the no-see-um mesh panels in the top third of both doors and from adjustable eaves.
A note on colors: Fabric dyes have natural variations, so the actual tent color may look slightly different from what is pictured.
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