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Omega Pacific - Tactical Oval Screw-Lok

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When an oval without a lock just won't do
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Shaped to resemble the tactical curves of an oval (a shape like an elongated circle or the number zero -- 0), this carabiner has a "gated" side that hinges inward to allow the main body of the carabiner to be hooked onto bolt-holds, ropes, etc. via the gate opening. The Screw-lok housing around the gate arm can be spun and secured into place so that the gate arm cannot be hinged away from the main body that makes up the carabiner. This action -- often called "locking" -- lends strength to the carabiner by making it a single closed unit which can sustain the great forces that would be exerted upon it when connected to a climber and his/her gear. This "locking" prevents "gate flutter," a phenomenon which occurs with "non-locking" carabiners when they impact an unyielding surface and the inertial forces involved pull on the gate arm and cause the "non-locked" gate to momentarily open. This carabiner comes in the color black, which naturally absorbs light.
Manufacturer Omega Pacific
Weight 71 g (2.5 oz.)
Color Black
Size One Size
Mfg Sku/Part Number OPTO5L
Carabiner Shape Oval
Gate Type Solid Gate - Straight
Closed Gate 22kN
Minor Axis 8kN
Open Gate 6kN
Lock Type Screw Lock
Dimensions Length: 107.7 mm (4.24 in.)
Width: 57.7 mm (2.27 in.)
Other Features Gate Opening: 12 mm (0.472 in.)
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Product Reviews
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