G3+ Purifier (Spring 2015)


G3+ Purifier (Spring 2015)

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Grayl - G3+ Purifier (Spring 2015)

The G3+ Purifier from Grayl is a replacement filter/upgrade for the Grayl Filtration Cup. It features the ultimate in filtration technology. The G3+™ Purifier is effective against flavor, odor and chemicals. Plus, it removes 99.999% of bacteria (i.e. E. coli), protozoa (i.e. Crypto, Giardia) and viruses (i.e. Hepatitis A). The G3+™ Purifier and Filter are interchangeable and fit the GRAYL Water Filtration Cup.

Technical specifications & features

Weight 2.9oz (82g)
Length 2.9in (7.3cm) height - 2.7in (6.7cm) diameter
Material food grade plastic, G3+ Filter media
Other Features -- Flow rate: 16oz (500ml) in 30 seconds (1L/minute)
-- Lifespan: 300 uses - 40 gallons (150L) - approximately 3 months. (Replace more frequently if a lot of sediment present in water source)

G3+™ Purifier combines 3 advanced technologies into a single media.
• G1 - Triple ion charged (+++) mesh captures bacteria, protozoan cysts and virus.
• G2 - Ultra-powdered activated carbon derived from coconut husks absorbs odors and flavors, industrial and pharmaceutical chemicals (including BPA, benzene and chlorine), and heavy metals (such as lead, arsenic and chromium.)
• G3 - Anti-microbial agent inhibits growth of mold, bacteria, fungus and mildew between uses

The Filter is sufficient for most people in the USA. The Filter strips water of nasty chemicals, flavors and odors and filters 99.99% of the bacteria and protozoan cysts.

Ideal for international travel, the Purifier removes everything the Filter does (chemicals, flavors, odors). Plus, it removes 99.999% of bacteria (E. coli) protozoa (Cryptosporidium and Giardia) and viruses (Hepatitis A, SARS, Rotavirus). The Purifier needs longer to extract viruses from the water, requiring about 25 seconds to filter one Water Filtration Cup (16oz - 475ml).

Product Reviews

really nice filter
the filter works great...i havent gotten sick from water in other countries and i now use it at work. an indicator would be a nice feature so i know when its time to replace the filter...i figure in a year i should probably change it.

i use the filter twice per day, everyday at work...the sink water never tasted so good Review by Jason S

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