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SteriPen - Adventurer Opti

The smallest, lightest battery-powered SteriPEN, the Adventurer Opti uses a revolutionary optical eye to sense the water, making it safe, effective, and reliable. The patent-pending technology ensures safe use and provides purification in even the coldest of waters and doubles as a convenient LED flashlight. It’s a great backup light when camping or taking a night-time walk to refill your water bottle. The Adventurer Opti includes 2 disposable CR123 batteries and a neoprene case with belt loop. One set of CR123 lithium batteries provides 100 0.5 L treatments. Device works with containers with minimum 1.75 in. diameter opening (ie Nalgene wide-mouth bottles).

Technical specifications & features

Weight 3.6 oz. (with batteries)
Color Black / Green
Mfg Sku/Part Number ADO-MP-EF
Treatment Type UV Light Purifier
Protects Against Protozoa, Bacteria and Viruses
Other Features Purifies a 32 oz. bottle of water in under 2 minutes!
Destroys viruses, bacteria and protozoa—including Giardia and Cryptosporidium—in seconds.
No Chemicals needed
No Pumping needed
Lamp Life: 8,000 treatments
Battery Life:
Lithium Disposable: 100 0.5 liter treatments (50 1L treatments)
NiMH Rechargeable: 80 0.5 liter treatments (40 1L treatments)
Three year limited warranty
Please note, alkaline batteries do not work with the Adventurer Opti. Lithium or NiMH must be used.

Product Reviews

I did finally decide to try to carefully force the loose C clamp onto the screw shaft. Resisting very strong pressure it popped away & went flying off into my office somewhere and is now lost. A hardware store replacement (better nylon screw washer while there) is called for, but as a test I called SteriPen. They're sending a new door assembly with no hassle. When asked if they will replace a unit dead of water damage to the battery compartment, they said, "No."

The potential is here; with a lanyard accepting hole and waterproof body this could be lowered on a cord into a container to do larger volumes and stored/used without regard to keeping it dry. The 3 year guarantee is a nice feature otherwise

Good design of plastic-molded battery-operated waterproof devices is well understood. My Princeton Apex Pro headlamp uses the same CR 123s and is waterproof to 1m (and does not need coin or tool for the battery door screw, as it is not only knurled & raised for easy finger-starting, but a nifty screw-turning edge is built onto one of the strap adjusters, for final tightening.)
Review by C. Kent
Poorly designed battery door with cheap parts, incomplete assembly.
Upon opening the battery access door (the green back-end in the photo) to remove the shipping insulator, the tiny screw-retaining "C" clamp fell off, and the not-so-well-chosen screw fell out. Lucky I was at the kitchen table not in the woods. The door lifts off and has a number of bad design features (including lifting off,) like a tiny nib of plastic hooking into a tinier sliver of plastic as a catch, against some strong spring pressure.

Bad points, from the outside:

1. The rubber seal for the door is a cheap little thing like a tiny rubber band, sure to die and not generic so not easily replaceable. The literature says it's not waterproof, remarkable, because it easily could be if it were a regular o-ring and a good little door, like on most headlamps.

2. The plastic door does not seat well onto the rubber, it is thin & sharp edged, which will not help the rubber's life, without a proper mating surface. They warn you not to dunk it, as though a tight-seal small door is a difficult thing to design! A device meant for water that you cannot dunk :(

3. The screw has a nice fat slot for most any coin or tool, but recessed, so you need a coin or tool. Under it is a tiny, cheap nylon washer as an outside seal, This washer should be bigger, because the hole in the door for the screw is bigger than necessary. This is a needless water entry point.

4. Holding (not holding, mine fell out) the screw to the door is a tiny, cheap "C" ring clamp on the inside. Mine was not snapped onto the shaft of the screw, so they both fell out immediately, and try as I might with strong forceps I could not get it to go without feeling like I'd bend/break something. Apparently the worker at the factory felt the same way and left it unassembled.

5. Last of all the hole in the plastic door for the screw was, "chewed up," around it's inside edges, a bad sign of cheap plastic and rough surfaces on a brand new item.

Fancy packaging, batteries, and silly (not waterproof) holster type case complete the kit.

A fix would be to upgrade the outside screw washer & rubber door ring from a hardware store, decide whether to use the C clamp or a star washer, and tape it up to assure that if the nib fails the door stays put. The good news; it just fits a Gatorade bottle, the lightest 1qt wide mouth bottle I know of. I don't complain about prices, if I buy a thing I accept the price.

Review by C. Kent

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